How To Get The Free SSL Certificate

Hi, guys welcome to the BloggingAssist. Today we’re going to see how to get free SSL for your WordPress website.

What is SSL?

An SSL certificate is a security measure that, when you visit a site, creates an encrypted link between the web server and your browser.

It creates a secure connection between the web server and the visitor to protect personal information.

So that visitors can trust your website and if your business accepts credit cards or other sensitive details, SSL will help you.

 Google Chrome now alerts visitors that your site is “Not Secure.” Having SSL is a factor in Google’s search ranking algorithm.  This is good for customers and for development.

let’s move on to the main topic of how to get free SSL for your WordPress website.

how to get the free SSL certificate

if you go to your website and you don’t see any secure messages in your browser and that means you don’t have SSL.


Now if you want to change this message to a secure lock, you need to get an SSL for your website.

got free ssl

You can get a free SSL certificate easily for your WordPress website.  We can get free SSL with 5 steps.

  1. Create an account on Cloudflare.
  2. Add your website to this Cloudflare account.
  3. Change your nameservers.
  4. Install the Cloudflare plugin on your WordPress website.
  5. Enable the SSL on your website.

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Create an account on Cloudflare

The first step is to ‘Create an account on a website called Cloudflare, and this is a website that is going to give us free SSL.

So to create the account let’s go to And then click ”sign up”

get a free ssl

Then enter your email And password And click ”create account”.

How To Get The Free SSL Certificate

So, now your account is created.

Add your website to Cloudflare account

 Let’s go to step two Which is to Add your website to this Cloudflare account.

get a free ssl

So just enter your website name and then click ”add site”. Then click Next Now select the free plan And click ”confirm”.

free ssl plan

Then scroll down and click ”continue” then your website will add to Cloudflare.

Change your nameservers

So let’s go to step three, Which is to Change your nameservers. So we need to add these nameservers To your domain. 

To add these nameservers You need to first login to your domain provider’s website.


So to find out your domain provider, Just click ”I need help changing my nameservers” And you can see that your domain is provided by GoDaddy or Namecheap, etc.

Go to your domain provider’s website.

Now click ”sign” in And then sign in into your account. Here you will see the same domain in which we’ve added on Cloudflare.

namesarvers change

 Now to change the nameservers of this domain Just click ”DNS” And then scroll down to nameservers.

change nameservers to get free ssl

And click ”change” and select custom And now here you need to enter the details which are provided in Cloudflare.

So let’s go there and then copy the first value And paste it. Then copy the second one And paste it and click on ”save”.

 So now we have successfully added the nameservers To our domain.

So let’s go back to Cloudflare and then click continue. Now to check, if the nameservers are changed. Let’s click ”refresh” your webpage now.


If we click refresh, You should see this green icon Which means your nameservers have been changed Now.

If you don’t see this green icon immediately You can still go to the next step and everything will work within a few minutes.

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Install Cloudflare plugin on your website

 You can now go to step four Which is to install the Cloudflare plugin in WordPress.

ssl plugin

  So, to install the plugin let’s go to WordPress And then go to ”plugins” And click ”add new”. Now search for flexible SSL And you will get this plugin.

Now let’s install this plugin and activated it. Now we have installed the Cloudflare plugin in our WordPress website.

Enable the SSL on your website

HTTPS for ssl

The final step is to Enable SSL in Cloudflare. So let’s go back to Cloudflare And then click this lock icon. Now scroll down to Always Use HTTPS And turn it on.

Now, as soon as you turn this on, Your website will be secured with SSL.

So let’s check it Now.

secure symble

If you go to your site, You can see that before we had this not secure message, But now if we click ”refresh” You can see that we now have the lock And the HTTPS. Which means you have now got the SSL.

So now, if you click on the lock icon, You will see that your browser says the connection is secure Now.

If your site didn’t load properly. Just wait for a few minutes and then load it from a different device. It will work after a few minutes.


In this post, I wanted to inform you about how to get free SSL for your WordPress website step by step. Here I have tried to give you a basic idea to get free SSL. If you have any questions about this post, please leave a comment on comment sections bellow.

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