Blogging mistakes That’s Do Every beginner

Welcome to BloggingAssist. Today we are going to discuss Blogging mistakes for beginners. So that a new blogger can avoid these common mistakes.

Nowadays, blogging has become the most popular profession. Blogging can use personal or business. Many people are interested in this blogging profession.

Most of the people become a failure in this profession because of some beginners blogging mistakes and start blogging without knowing the proper way. As a result, they can not make good results in this profession.

Now, I am going to tell you about 15 common blogging mistakes for beginners to avoid. So that you can make a good result in this blogging industry. Let’s get started.

  1. Platform choose
  2. Free hosting
  3. Your Interest 
  4. choose your Niche
  5. Keyword research
  6. choose Theme
  7. Content copy
  8. Copyrighted image
  9. Not writing a clean style
  10. Proper SEO
  11. Building an email list
  12. Using too many ads
  13. Social media share icon
  14. Grammar mistakes
  15. Not using Analytics

choose your Platform

Choosing the right platform is very important for the blogging industry. If you are serious about blogging and hoping to do something better.

 I will suggest you go for the WordPress platform. It’s easy to use and giving more extra features for you. WordPress platform helps to do better SEO to rank your website fast.

 If you are not serious, then you can go for google blogger platform and start by blogger now, then after passing a few days if you transfer it into WordPress, I will say it’s a waste of time.

 So, if you are serious, go for WordPress. You have to spend some money on this platform.

Choosing Free hosting

Hosting is a server which will store your website data. It is significant for a website. Without a hosting service, your website is nothing.

There are two kinds of hosting available, free host and paid host service. Few companies offer free hosting with limitations. 

This is a big mistake for beginners to choose a free hosting service for their website. At that time, they don’t know properly about free hosting services.

Free hosting is available but it is not useful. They offer it for their hosting advertisements

If you use free hosting, your website will be down one or two times a day. This is very bad for your website and your visitors. You can’t get success by free hosting service.

So, I recommended starting a blog by a paid hosting to get better success for your blog industry. Never go for free hosting. It can’t give you something good

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Your Interest (common blogging mistakes)

Interest is very important to anyone’s life to choosing something. If you want to be a blogger, your interest can help to become a successful blogger. 

If you want to start blogging, you need to choose a topic for your blog. You have to give Priority to your interest to select a blog. Giving Priority to your interest is an excellent thing for your blogger career.

Your interesting topic will not make you bored, and It will help to write for a long time for your blog.

If you choose an uninteresting topic, then you can’t go for long to write. As a result, you will be a failure in this blogging industry. 

So, try to give priority to your interest So that you can do better something on the blogging industry

Choose a niche (Main blogging mistakes)

Niche is a word that carries a single product or category. Suppose you have chosen a topic that focuses on a single subject, it’s called a niche.

 For example mobile, Samsung mobile, computer, dell computer, etc are niche topics.

Nowadays, niche blogging has become the most popular. Choosing a niche is very important for this time. By selecting a niche, you can grow your website fast. You can rank a niche website easily.

So, choose a niche and make a blog to see your success within a few days. Niche blogging is key to early success.

Keyword research (the main blogging mistakes for beginners)

Keyword research is the key to blogging. Without keyword research, you can not think of a blog. You have to research your keyword first then can go for a blog.

You have to research for low competition and high search volume to rank easily and to get visitors fast. Always research your keyword which is related to your blog topic.

There are so many free and paid keyword tools are available on the market. Click here to see which keyword tools are best for keyword research.

So, make sure to research low competition keywords for every post to become a successful blogger.

You can use some free keyword research tools. If you don’t have enough money as a beginner. I suggest you two free tools.

Website Theme

The theme is the most important thing for any website to arrange the site. There are so many free and paid the available right.

 But some paid theme is giving free, it is very harmful to your website. Some people are using this kind of harmful theme to their website to make a beautiful looking website.

This kind of theme can snatch your website from you. Because, This theme may contain viruses, malware, or other viruses.

So, never use this kind of theme on your website. There are so many themes that are available for free. If you don’t have money, you can easily use the free theme for your website.

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Content copy (common blogging mistakes for beginners)

The content copy is copying content that is written by others. Newcomers prefer not to write the content themselves, they like to copy the content of others and post it on their website. 

This is the biggest mistake for their blogging industry. Blogging is a writing profession, and you have to write more and more. If you don’t like to write, then I will say just leave it, and blogging is not for you.

If you want to use google ads, you have to write unique content for google ads. No ads company support copy content. If you use copy content, you will not get ads company to approve, and your website will not rank.

So, always try to write content by yourself . it will make you a successful blogger. Never use copy content if you want to get success.

copyrighted image

A copyrighted image refers to the use of an image without the permission of the owner. This is the wrong thing, and it breaks the rules of blogging.

Many beginner’s bloggers use this copyright image on their website, and this is a common mistake for beginners bloggers. 

If you use this copyright image for your blog, the advertisement company will not approve of your blog. Your website will not rank to google search engine. As a result, you will not be able to make a good result in this blogging industry.

So, make sure that you are not using the copyrighted image on your to become a successful blogger.

Not writing a clear style

A clear style is significant to write a perfect and successful blog post. Nobody likes to read an unclarity post.

You are writing a post for your visitors. If they don’t like it, it will become a waste of time.

 Everyone’s like to read a post which is described step by step with short paragraphs. Which have numbering, bullet point, example, suggestions, etc.?

So, make sure to write a post that is easy to read and understand to get better success in your blogging career.

Proper SEO (great blogging mistakes)

SEO means search engine optimization. Proper SEO is essential for a blogger to rank a post on Google’s first page.

Nowadays, SEO becomes most essential for any single post. You can’t think to rank a post without proper SEO.

Beginners write a post without proper SEO and publish the post. As a result, the posts didn’t rank, and they didn’t get traffic to their blog. 

Then they become Disappointed, and they come out from blogging, and They think blogging is not for them.

So, first, you have to learn proper SEO and then try to write SEO friendly post to become a successful blogger.

You can use some popular plugin for your better SEO

Making email list

An email list is a list of email which is collected from your website. It is used to send information (new posts, news, offers) to visitors.

Making an email list is very important for any website owner to get traffic. It is a great way to get success within a few times.

By making the email list, you will be able to return your visitors to your website again. This will create a proper authority website. Your website will grow fast.

So, don’t forget to make an email list to become a successful blogger soon.

Using too many ads 

I think there is no need to introduce you to what is the advertisement. Nowadays, everyone knew this.

Advertisement is a way of informing people about any new products. It is an excellent opportunity to announce any companies product to the people.

No one wants to see an advertisement but has to see it. Must have a limit for this. Many websites are using too many ads to earn more money.

If you use too many advertisements, people will not visit your website. They will become bored and will leave soon from your site.

Advertisement is disgusting, and more advertisement is more disgusting to the visitors.

So, don’t use too many ads on your website. You can use the highest 3 ads banner on a page.

Social media share icon

Social media is the most powerful and famous platform. Nowadays, people are spending a lot of time on these social media platforms.

If you add a social media share icon, it will help to share your post on social media platforms. This is a great opportunity to get traffic quickly on your website. It will help you to grow your website fast.

So, make sure to add social sharing options on your website to get a better and faster result.

Grammatical mistakes

grammarly cheaker

Using proper grammar on your website is very important. A website can be visited by people from other countries.

A website must have no grammatical mistakes. People don’t like to read writing mistake articles and unpolished article.

If you don’t write mistake-free articles, visitors will not visit your website. You have to write 100% correct information on your website. They will leave soon when will found mistakes. They will not trust your website.

So, make sure to write mistake-free articles for your visitors to make a trusted and good authority website.

You can use some tools to avoid grammatical mistakes from your posts.

Not using analytics (common blogging mistakes for beginners)

Google Analytics just an excellent plugin that allows you to track and analyze all of your website traffic. Analytics is a must-have tool for anyone interested in growing their website with digital marketing.

This Analytics is a tool of Google, and it is a free tool. Using this tool, you will be able to analyze your website growing full details


Analytics allow you to see a lot of things. 

  • how many visitors you’re getting to your website.
  • and where are they coming from Google, YouTube, Facebook?
  • how long are they spending on your website?  
  • Which pages are they clicking?
  •  what are their ages and they are men or women?
  •  what’s their city or country lots of important data.


Without Google, Analytics is like driving a cruise ship with a blindfold. You have no idea where you’re going, and you’ll likely just go in circles without ever finding your desired destinations.

So, Make sure to use google analytics to become a successful blogger. Use google analytics on the website to analyze your site to see what’s going on.


In this post, I wanted to inform you about blogging mistakes for beginners. And How beginners avoid these blogging mistakes. Here I have tried to give you a basic idea about blogging mistakes. If you have any questions about this post ( blogging mistakes for beginners ), please leave a comment on comment sections bellow.

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